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Editor's rating : Discuss this product. When the LG Prada phone came out a year ago in Europe, it made quite a splash: it was the first consumer-oriented touch screen feature phone, and it beat the iPhone to market by several months. Unlike most touch screen business-oriented PDA phones, the Prada was thin, beautiful and simply hot dressed in black. The software and applications behind the touch screen technology worked well and the phone was a pleasure to use, though still not quite as sophisticated and seamless as the iPhone.

Rumors abounded that Lg vu apps would carry it to compete with the iPhone inbut instead Verizon launched the LG Voyager and other touch screen phones but no slim, touch screen slate. The Vu weighs only 3. Not bad. It doesn't use your phone's data connection, so you need not be in a 3G coverage area or subscribe to a data plan. Some shows are repeated so you'll get a second chance to watch them, though.

And yes, there are commercials, though fewer than on regular TV. Other than TV, the two models are identical. How does TV look? No blocky-choppy, out of sync video here. Granted, if you're at the edge of coverage things might not be so rosy, but in the Dallas metroplex and metro Seattle we couldn't find an area without good coverage. Should you be in a fringe area, the Vu has a telescoping metal antenna that otherwise isn't needed.

This scores a few points over the Samsung Access which has no external antenna for those iffy places. The comparison is unavoidable, though these two aren't wholly direct competitors.

But the similarities are there: touch screen, slate design with few hardware buttons, slim and sleek forms suitable for the phone runway The similarities really end there. The iPhone is about the best touch experience on the market, ease of use and an unbeatable mobile music and video player. Though it's cheaper, you get the full gamut of phone features that the iPhone omits: 3G HSDPA, removable battery, a lg vu apps that can shoot video as well as still photos and send them via MMS, voice dialing, an IM client, lg vu apps, expandable storage memory and full Lg vu apps profiles for DUN, lg vu apps, file sharing, printing and pretty much everything else.

Take that, iPhone The iPhone fits into the smartphone camp while the LG Vu fits into the high end feature-phone camp. The Vu has that touch of Prada: it looks designer good. When I whip it out, folks who haven't seen the Vu ooh and ah.

They comment on the slippery black look, the thinness, lg vu apps, the smallness. You get the idea; it's one nice looking phone. It looks classy but not as high-end as the iPhone which once again raised the bar for phones with its metal, glass and aluminum carcass. Unfortunately, the Vu courts fingerprints like a model lg vu apps size 2 dresses. If you want your phone to stay pretty, carry a cleaning cloth or whip out that cotton shirt tail, lg vu apps.

I have the driest hands on the planet with little skin oil lg vu apps my Vu looks smudgy after 20 minutes of handling. I wipe it down daily while my iPhone gets a weekly wipe. The LG Vu has call send and end buttons on the front face. Big deal, you say-- don't all phones? Nope, many recent touch screen feature phones omit these, making life generally harder than it should be. For example, the recently released Samsung Glyde on Verizon has none, so there goes hitting the end button to exit a program or the ability to start dialing quickly.

Press and hold the send key to re-dial the last number, lg vu apps. Press and hold the end key to turn off the phone. Thank you, LG-- life is definitely good, lg vu apps. Granted, the iPhone leaves out these two sacred buttons but that's the only phone where it was OK thanks to the insanely talented UI designers at Apple who find new ways of making old tasks easy. The display locks after a user-settable period and when in a call. The screen saver includes a little arrow that points to the button on the phone's lg vu apps, telling you to unlock the phone.

It also shows the date, time and missed calls. Speaking of helping a gal out, when you turn on the phone for the first time, lg vu apps, it takes you through a tutorial that shows you how to use the touch screen for a variety of tasks. The phone has an on-screen icon to run this again if you need a refresher.

The good news is, the phone is intuitive enough, that you'll lg vu apps not need the tutorial but watch it that first time, just in case. The camera lens is on the back, the volume controls are on the side and the SIM card lives in the battery compartment at the rear.

The bad news is that the microSD card slot is also here, and you must remove the battery to access the slot. Fortunately, the phone has Bluetooth file transfer support lg vu apps you can send photos and lg vu apps content over Bluetooth or browse the phone from a Bluetooth enabled computer, lg vu apps. But you'll need to purchase that USB cable separately. Thankfully, it's easy to find as it's the same LG blade style connector used by most recent LG phones.

You can adjust the vibration from off to subtle to a genuine finger massage. At 3 inches, this is one of the largest screens on a feature phone, lg vu apps, though the iPhone's is still larger at 3. The screen is lovely and perfect for TV: really bright, sharp and color-saturated.

The screen is large enough that 2 people on friendly terms i. Curl up in bed with your loved one, and you've got a more intimate version of TV than that old Trinitron 15 feet from the bed can provide. The Lg vu apps picture fills up nearly the entire screen, lg vu apps, with bars on the side because the phone has a widescreen display and the TV channels are broadcast in the usual aspect ratio.

Though not as gosh-awful perfect as the iPhone's, the Vu's display is one of the best touch screens we've used. Haptic screens look great, but their accuracy isn't always the best. The Vu responded correctly nearly every time and scrolling worked well in MP3 player and contacts lists though it takes a little practice to scroll and select precisely in a long list, lg vu apps.

The Vu is spritely and responsive, with no lag. The Vu has on-screen virtual dial pads and keyboards since there are no hardware keypad or keyboard, lg vu apps. These have haptic, tactile feedback to aid in dialing and entering text and we had no trouble using either. The number pad is there in every application and works in both multi-press and T9 modes. You can highlight blocks of text for editing but there's no copy and paste. You can select multiple entries from a list via checkboxes next to each entryand in some instances drag-and-drop you can drag songs to the ad hoc playlist in the music player.

They have 3. Call quality is excellent in 3G areas and very good in GSM areas, with slightly lg vu apps call volume. Range was good as were incoming and outgoing call clarity and volume was loud. The LG comes with voice command software that can dial contacts lg vu apps handle the basics like checking messages and dialing by spoken numbers, lg vu apps.

You need not record voice tags, and it works with Bluetooth headsets. In fact, we found it more accurate with a headset than the built-in mic. There's no dedicated voice command button but if you turn on the standby screen shortcut palette, there's an icon on-screen to start voice recognition. There's no front-facing camera, so the phone is better suited to sharing what you're looking at, rather than you, lg vu apps. But there is a self-portrait mirror on the back to help matters a bit.

Rendering showed good desktop fidelity, pages loaded fairly quickly mobile optimized sites loaded in 5 seconds and full HTML sites load in about seconds. You can scroll with a finger, tap links and zoom in case those links are too small to tap with a finger the phone doesn't come with a stylus but it will work with one. The browser supports frames, tables, some Javascript, SSL, cookies, history and lg vu apps can even set the cache to save on a microSD card rather than internal memory.

Though not as good as Safari on the iPhone in terms of good looks and gesture support, lg vu apps, the browser is one of the best we've seen on a feature phone. Mobile Email is a bust though, with only a few services supported such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Earthlink and NetZero you can't enter settings for providers not supported by the Java-based email app. Sorry Mac folks, there's no iTunes syncing support nor much of any other kind of Mac lg vu apps. Use a card reader to copy songs and Bluetooth to send your contacts to the phone.

Sound quality is good through the included earbud headset and much better through a good pair of Bluetooth A2DP stereo headphones. The music player supports playlists and can sort by artist, album, genre and title. Beyond that, it doesn't do much. CV Cellular Video, formerly Cingular Video works well on the Vu, and once again the lovely, large screen makes for a pleasant experience though the videos don't play full-screen, lg vu apps.

Video looked sharp by CV standards and audio stayed in sync with video. YouTube addicts rejoice: the Vu supports the mobile YouTube site at m. Playback with a good 3G connection is watchable though frames do drop and jitter, lg vu apps.

The bundled games look good and run well on the VU. These generally aren't designed for the touch screen, but an on-screen control palette shows up to replace a hardware d-pad. The phone has flight mode so you can play games, listen to music and watch locally stored videos when the phone's radio is turned off. The Vu lg vu apps better than average photos by US phone standards thanks to the autofocus lens. The 2 megapixel camera's lens focuses quickly and accurately, resulting in sharp shots.

Color saturation is pleasing and color balance is good though it's slightly biased to the magenta for outdoor shots.

Indoor shots are good if there's adequate lighting but forget low light shots since there's no flash. The phone uses the entire display as the viewfinder with lg vu apps on-screen controls. It can save photos and video directly to a card and maximum photo resolution is xwhile max video resolution is x Battery life is decent by lg vu apps phone standards, and with light lg vu apps moderate use the phone lasts 2 days on a charge.


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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow syhariah.tk more. LG Content Store, Check and find immediate solutions to problems you are experiencing. Before submitting a Inquiry, please visit the FAQ or the Self Troubleshooting sections for answers to problems you are experiencing. Sep 28,  · Free unlocking for all LG models on AT&T network. Unlocks all models, even the latest ones if SIM is listed as clean. For other networks, the LG service will unlock your mobile device at very low price. Receive code via in-app notification. You will get notified in your app as soon as you code is available. Easy to use and very functional app and free to use/5(K).